Customer Testimonials


I just received my orchids which I bought off you last week, and I have to say they were the best packaged plants I have ever received in 30 years, from any Orchid seller.


Many Thanks to you and your staff


Keith Hamilton

Bunya Park Drive

Eatons Hill Brisbane Qld.



Hi Allan,


I just wanted to thank you for my last eBay order with the extra plant!


The plants arrived promptly and are in great shape. Unfortunately I can’t see where to put a rave review on the eBay site.


I have just put in a other order. Sophronitis coccinea is so hard to find in Australia. Living in Melbourne I’m interested in the small cool growing species.


Many thanks again.


Philip Haynes




My partner and I have purchased quite a few orchids off your eBay store and are very happy with the quality of the plants we have purchased.





Hi Allan,


Thanks to you and all the team (especially Brian and Dillon) for your selection as a replacement and the very nice gifts. I have found your company is the best in the business and hope to call in for a visit one day in the not too distant future.


Again, thank you all,


Kevin & Freda Wright.

(Bringelly, NSW)


Thank you Dylan,
Your “little gift” was way more generous than I could have ever imagined.
‘Janelle’ is definitely a greatly appreciated addition to my collection.
Thank you again and also for the inclusion of the Rlc Angel’s Horizon ‘Rosella’. The colours are gorgeous.
I cannot thank you enough


Rosella Orchids , Allan Eggins and his Staff provide great care with all my orders including getting flowering plants to me in condition that are still useful in breeding immediately. Allan has provided many, many Special Breeding Varieties for my breeding program and I consider this Nursery the Best Source of Cattleya in Australia. I would not have been able to get back in breeding orchids except for Rosella Orchids . The breeding program the Allan has is and has produced many of the best new plant varieties; far ahead of similar breeding overseas that is way behind what Rosella Orchids has achieved. I understand they will have many new cloned varieties in the future which will be highly sort after.

Thank you for your help.

Regards Graham


Thanks for the beautiful plants that arrived yesterday in wonderful condition Hope they find our climate acceptable Would love to see your place or some pictures

Talk again Cheers Geoff fox



Hi Allan + Team,

I am super happy with the extra Sarcs + 1 Cattleya you gave me to cover the excess postage I paid on my 3 orders last weekend. It far exceeded what I was expecting. Thanks heaps.


Regards Steve


Hi all, just a note to say thank you very much for my gift plant! I had been looking at that one so I was absolutely thrilled when I unwrapped the packing and read the label. Very happy with all the plants I ordered,

Kind Regards Christine


Hello Allan

Just a quick message to say my orchids arrived early this morning on the due date  and I was very impressed with both the packing and the quality of the plants.  I greatly appreciate Rosella’s effort in sending them so quickly and will let other members of my local  Orchid Society know.

Thank you again

Lynette Carew-Reid

Order number 1049