Customer Testimonials


I just received my orchids which I bought off you last week, and I have to say they were the best packaged plants I have ever received in 30 years, from any Orchid seller.


Many Thanks to you and your staff


Keith Hamilton

Bunya Park Drive

Eatons Hill Brisbane Qld.



Hi Allan,


I just wanted to thank you for my last eBay order with the extra plant!


The plants arrived promptly and are in great shape. Unfortunately I can’t see where to put a rave review on the eBay site.


I have just put in a other order. Sophronitis coccinea is so hard to find in Australia. Living in Melbourne I’m interested in the small cool growing species.


Many thanks again.


Philip Haynes




My partner and I have purchased quite a few orchids off your eBay store and are very happy with the quality of the plants we have purchased.





Hi Allan,


Thanks to you and all the team (especially Brian and Dillon) for your selection as a replacement and the very nice gifts. I have found your company is the best in the business and hope to call in for a visit one day in the not too distant future.


Again, thank you all,


Kevin & Freda Wright.

(Bringelly, NSW)

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